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Women's Vented Leather Racer Jacket with Pink Stripes
Women's Vented Leather Racer Jacket with Pink Stripes

Women's Vented Leather Racer Jacket with Pink Stripes

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Womens vented leather racer jacket with double pink stripes, Ladies jacket features a zip out lining with front and back air-vents. Women's leather jacket has vertical gathered sides with snap straps for a snugger fit.

Product Detail
* Features a Z/o lining that runs through the sleeves
* Also includes a neck warmer
* 2 Airvents on Front/Back
* Small Ventilation Holes Under Arm-pit
* Vertically Gathered Sides w/ Snap Straps for Better Fitting
* Multi Pockets Inside
* Gathered at the Waist
* Zippered Cuffs

How To Order The Correct Size. 

Please Follow Size Ordering Guidelines Below.

Order From Size Chart Below.


Take a fabric tape measure or string, place one end on one side if your, chest run it under your arms around your back to where it meets the beginning measure the widest part,of your chest. If using a string, compare the length to a tape, measure in inches, then add 2 inches to your measurement. Now you have the chest size you want to order.

Note: Remember to add 2 inches to your measurement.

Waist Size is usually 2- inches smaller than Chest Size. If your waistline is larger than your chest size, please order according to your waist size. Measure the distance around the largest part of your waist and add 1 inch to your measurement.

Are You Ordering A Gift & Don't Know What Size to Get.

Take a jacket that fits the person your ordering for, lay it flat on the table with the arms extended to the sides, make sure it is buttoned or zipped up. Take a tape measure and measure the distance across the jacket, just below the arm pits. Take the measurement you get in inches and double it, you now have the chest size. Example: if your measurement was 22 inches, double it and the jacket would be a size 44 chest.

Sizing Chart

Spine To Cuff3131.53232.53333.534
*All measurements in inches. Please use this chart as a guide only.

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