How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Jacket

When choosing a motorcycle jacket there are many options to select from. This article will help you choose the right motorcycle jacket by discussing all the choices available for motorcycle jackets.

The first thing to consider when you choose a motorcycle jacket is safety, will the motorcycle jacket protect me? The performance of the jacket will depend on the quality of the material and how it’s made.

Choose Quality Material

Motorcycle jackets can be broken down into different categories. There are both leather and textile options for each style, giving riders the choice of their preferred material in the style of jacket that best fits their riding style. Listed below are the motorcycle jacket categories.

Leather Jackets

Leather is far and away the most common material used to construct motorcycle jackets. Motorcycle jackets made of high quality leather have good abrasion resistance and offer excellent protection from injury if you do get into an accident. A jacket made with top quality leather is your best option. This is why the main chassis of all of the top motorcycle racing jackets are made with leather. Many people choose leather for the aesthetic aspect as well. Leather always looks amazing and has a long history of being the material of choice for motorcycle jackets

Leather and Textile Motorcycle Jackets

More manufacturers are offering jackets made of a combination of leather and textile materials. Leather usually covers the most vulnerable parts of the body, including the upper back, shoulders and bottoms and tops of the arm. The textile weave offers better comfort by creating extra ventilation.

Textile Motorcycle Jackets

Jackets made of a fabric like nylon includes many abrasion resistant materials. These materials often offer excellent breathability, protection from the cold, and wetness. Textile motorcycle jackets can be far more versatile than most leather jackets. Because textile fabrics are easier to work with, you will usually find far more features built into a textile motorcycle jacket. Textiles breathe very well and often have great ventilation, making them a preferred choice in warmer weather. Compared to leather, textile jackets are often much lighter in weight and are far more flexible. While advancements in the textiles have made them far more durable, they are still not on the same level as a good leather. Textiles do not have the same abrasion resistance qualities of leather. Textile jackets often tend to wear out much faster than high quality leather as well.

So, the top choice for protection would be a high quality leather motorcycle jacket

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Other factors to consider when choosing a motorcycle jacket. 

Safety Should be The First Choice

When choosing a motorcycle jacket, you should always keep safety in the forefront of your mind. Because of its texture, leather is more dense than textile weaves. As soon as the leather is placed under mechanical strain it undergoes a process of load distribution by stretching slightly. This protects the material from ripping easily. Textile materials perform worse than motorcycle jackets made of leather in this respect. It's easier to tear the weave, causing unprotected areas of your skin to slide across the pavement. That's why you should be sure that motorcycle jackets made of a textile weave are reinforced with materials like leather or Kevlar


One of the biggest advancements in motorcycle gear over the years has been the addition of armor and padding. In the beginning, motorcycle jackets had no such additions. Padding in high impact areas was introduced and then eventually armor was added. Motorcycle jacket armor technology has evolved to the point that it is almost unnoticeable in the jacket. It is thin, lightweight and very pliable in a normal state. Amor is placed in high impact areas, like elbows and shoulders. The purpose is to let those areas slide on the pavement to reduce tumbling. Select a jackt where the armor can be removed for casual wearing.


Being visible on a motorcycle is a huge factor in rider safety. Other motorists often fail to notice motorcycles, which can lead to accidents. Having very visible riding gear can make a huge difference by drawing more attention to yourself. Being so bright isn't for everyone though. There are stylish jackets available that have small, inconspicuous reflective piping in the most visible areas. This piping goes unnoticed in normal lighting conditions, but becomes very bright once a headlight hits it.


Proper venting in a jacket can help prevent excess sweating and even heat exhaustion during warm weather riding. Look for exhaust vents in the back as well as intake vents in the front for the best results. The exhaust vents will help draw out the excess heat and moisture.


Removable liners can give a motorcycle jacket more versatility. With an insulated liner, the jacket can be made warm enough to be worn for three season riding or even year round. The liner is left in for cold weather and then can be removed for when it becomes warmer. The warmest liners have full length sleeves, while others are only vests. Depending on your needs, you will need to pay close attention to which liner is in the jacket that you like.


It's very important to get a motorcycle jacket that fits you as best as possible. Many motorcycle jackets come with fitment adjusters on the waist, sides and sleeves. These are very useful for getting a very personalized fit for yourself.

Care for Your Jacket Correctly

You need to regularly clean your motorcycle jacket, which may have some effect on the type of jacket you choose to buy. Good care increases the lifespan of a jacket. Motorcycle jackets made of leather have to be regularly treated with a leather conditioner. This will stop them from hardening and drying out. The oil also protects the leather from penetration by water. Textile motorcycle jackets should give lots of helpful information for their care on the tag. You'll need to follow these instructions. It's often possible to wash this type of motorcycle jacket in the washing machine.

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